About WarTribe

WarTribe is a men’s community and it is for men and men alone. Today, men face a barrage of assaults from many angles telling them they are toxic, they are rapists, they are bad, and lastly, that they can no longer have their own space to just be a man around other men. We are in the midst of a culture war.

In ancient pasts, there were cultures of brave men who harnessed the warrior and made it a foundation of their societies and civilizations. These are some of the greatest civilizations to ever grace this planet, be it the Vikings, Spartans, Samurai, and Native American Indians. These people knew that men were the creators and protectors of society and they were the ones who needed to protect the boundaries. Men back in these days would gather, train, fight, and better each other as men so as to protect their hard earned happiness and freedom.

Today, in our dying culture, we are missing that. As we look around, most males are weak, frail, and defer to women for everything. No more we say. Today, we declare war not only on this failed experiment on masculinity, but also on ourselves and our weaknesses. Today, you have chosen to be forged into what you’ve always desired to become but had zero mentorship on how to get there. Today, you have chosen to become a man through initiation into WarTribe!
WarTribe, a community run by combat veteran and former U.S. Marine, Corey Capella sets out to push men to their highest ability through discipline, honesty, courage, integrity, and accountability. These masculine traits that have gone by the wayside but will be reinserted and ingrained into men who join.