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WarTribe is an elite men’s community that forges weak males into Men.

About WarTribe

WarTribe, a community run by combat veteran and former U.S. Marine, Corey Capella sets out to push men to their highest ability through discipline, honesty, courage, integrity, and accountability. These masculine traits that have gone by the wayside but will be reinserted and ingrained into men who join.

Why to Join

This however is not a military style or military run setup so fear not. Corey, through partaking in numerous ancient shamanic rituals, has uncovered the secrets to living a happy, healthy, balanced masculine life, and will show you how to unlock those secrets from within the confines of this community.

WarTribe Membership Plans

Basic Membership

WarTribe Basic Membership
$ 20
  • Forum access
  • Free copy of "Live Your Best Life In 30 Days"

Exclusive Membership

WarTribe Exclusive Membership
$ 999
  • Annual Forum Membership
  • 4x 1 hour Coaching sessions
  • Free copy of "Live Your Best Life In 30 Days" signed and mailed to your front door

Annual Membership

WarTribe Annual Membership
$ 200
  • Forum access
  • Free copy of "Live Your Best Life In 30 Days"

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Do you struggle with achieving the best out of your life? Do you pour hours out of your day working hard to achieve your desired outcomes only to be met with the same mediocre results in life? The reason why you have been fighting an uphill battle your whole life is because you were raised with a scarcity model as your foundational beliefs and at your core you have something limiting you from achieving your true potential and desired outcome.

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